CodeChix works to recruit, train, and retain female engineers.


Founded in 2009 in San Jose, CA, CodeChix is the first organization of its kind and is run by local women developers in a non-alpha, language/os agnostic, supportive environment.


CodeChix fosters continuous learning through our chapters’ events and workshops. Offerings include hacking sessions, technical talks, and hands-on, developer-led technical workshops. Sample events include Wikipedia’s Operations Infrastructure, Algorithms and Directed Acyclic Graphs, Mobile/Graphic Design for Engineers Workshop, Toy Robotics: My little Pleo, OpenShift Workshop, and Android Instalfest & App Building 101.

Events are either open to all (men/women/children) or women-only (specified on the event description). Our speakers and workshop teachers can be female or male.

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CodeChix promotes women taking part in conferences, giving talks, participating in competitions, and collaborating on projects. Click here to learn more about jobs available in the industry and how to recruit CodeChix to your organization.


CodeChix enables face-to-face sharing and support of women by women in both industry and academia. Click here to learn more about opportunities with CodeChix.


  • Our inspiration: LinuxChix and their coolness.
  • HOWTO Encourage Women in Linux: A must-read if you want to understand the women-in-tech issues.
  • ShesGeeky UnConference where you can meet some of the coolest chix in the industry.
  • The DevChix mailing list which is a vibrant community with great reach and breadth/depth of technical and non-technical contributors.


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There’s so much to learn! Here’s a sample listing of the topics we’re interested in. Do you have experience with any of these (or similar) topics and would you be interested in holding a talk/workshop? Please send an email to organizers at codechix dot org.

We are big proponents of open source and try to have sessions where we talk about it and try to contribute to an open source project.  So, if you want to share some open source know-how or want to learn, let us know!

Algorithms and Data Structures

  • Linked List basics
  • Queues
  • Hash Tables
  • Binary Trees (pre-order, in-order, post-order)
  • Sorting
  • Searching
  • Big-O Notation


  • Markup: HTML, CSS
  • Web App/scripts: JavaScript, AJAX, XML, PHP, Python/Django
  • Programming: C/C++, Java
  • Protocols: HTTP, TCP/IP, SNMP
  • Shell Scripts: Bash, Tcsh, Csh
  • Big Data: Cassandra, Hadoop, Hive


  • Arduino: Several projects that are underway including sonar ping, proximity detection donation box etc.
  • Jewelery: Cool LED-powered earrings and such

Operating Systems

  • Linux: Fedora/Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS
  • Mobile: Android, iOS, Windows
  • Windows and OSX