Whether you’ve been working with tech for several years, or have never written a single line of code, we welcome you! Our members are at all skill levels.

Come join us and let’s learn and create some cool new software and apps! Or just hang out and soak in the cool, techie environment with some awesome women!


Female Engineers:

If you identify as a woman, are not a recruiter, and are interested in improving your programming skills…please join one of our chapters

We’re looking for programmers, developers, designers, hackers, thinkers, putterers, engineers, scientists, open source goddesses, gadget freaks, all kinds of geeks, techies-into-pretty-much-anything, and laid back and cool techy chicks…you get the general idea. We have a few online presences:

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PMs and Men:

Developers and non-developers (e.g., project managers, engineering managers, etc.) please follow us online. You are welcome to our events unless specified as female only:

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