Who We Are

Whether you’ve been working with tech for several years, or have never written a single line of code, we welcome you! Our members are at all skill levels.

CodeChix is a CA, fiscally sponsored 501(c)3 non-profit public benefit organization for local women developers run by local women developers in a non-alpha, language/os agnostic, supportive environment with an emphasis on face-to-face communication. It is the first group of its kind and started in 2009 in San Jose, CA.

The key goals of CodeChix are to educate, promote and mentor women developers. We strive to foster continuous learning, provide mentorship/guidance and create a local community of women developers from industry and academia. The original chapter of CodeChix started in 2009 and is in the Silicon Valley/Bay Area with additional chapters in Seattle/Redmond etc. The CodeChix motto is “May the code be with you…”.

CodeChix conducts Hacking Sessions, Technical Talks and hands-on, developer-led Technical Workshops. Some events include Wikipedia’s Operations Infrastructure, Algorithms and Directed Acyclic Graphs, Mobile/Graphic Design for Engineers Workshop, Toy Robotics: My little Pleo, OpenShift Workshop and Android Instalfest & App Building 101.

Events are open to all men/women/children or women-only (specified on the event description). Our speakers and workshop teachers can be female or male.

Our programs for 2014-2015 are underway and we will be announcing them shortly.

How do we define “woman/female”?

To CodeChix, a “woman” is someone who identifies herself so, inclusive of the LGBT community.

Our Events

We have various events throughout the year, usually monthly. Here are the basic types:

  • Hacking Sessions: Usually held at coffee shops, we get together for a couple of hours to code. You’re welcome to bring your own project, help out someone else, or just relax.
  • Workshops: Spend between 2 to 5 hours with us on a weekend to learn about a state-of-the-art tool or programming language to improve your skills. Workshops are taught by volunteer industry professionals and CodeChix members..
  • Tech-Talks: We invite coders and technical leads to talk to us about their cool projects and share their knowledge with us. These are usually on a weekday evening and last approximately 2.5 hours
  • We will be introducing some new programs in 2014-2015.  Stay tuned for more information.

(Contact us at organizers at codechix dot org if you would like to do a Tech Talk or lead a Workshop)
Our ticketed events (usually open to everyone) are listed at open events on EventBrite.

How Do I Join

Thanks for your interest in keeping up to date on CodeChix! Each Chapter manages its own social media presences and group membership, so we encourage you to take a look at each of our Chapters’ individual pages via our Chapter List. Since we’re primarily a women’s group, we ask that you join us in the following ways:

  • Do you identify as a woman, are not a recruiter, and are interested in improving your programming skills? Click the “Join Chapter” button of your Chapter of interest. We’re looking for: Programmers, developers, designers, hackers, thinkers, putterers, engineers, scientists, open source goddesses, gadget freaks, all kinds of geeks, techies-into-pretty-much-anything, laid back and cool techy chicks… you get the general idea.
  • Are you a man or woman? Please follow your Chapter of interest via their social media presences. This includes developers and non-developers (e.g., project managers, engineering managers etc.).
  • Are you a recruiter? Please contact the organizers directly at organizers at codechix dot org.


We are a fiscally sponsored 501(c)3 charitable organization and run on donations (tax-deductible).  We would love to be able to provide all the help we can to the hard-working and capable women engineers that are trying to make headway on the technical ladder in industry.  So, please do consider donating to us here. These donations pay for website hosting, domain hosting, and a fund that we use for charitable purposes – workshops for women, promoting female speakers at conferences etc.  Any questions, please feel free to let our organizers know what you’re thinking. Please help us achieve our goals so we can help all the women and men in our community improve their coding and technical know-how and skills. We are grateful and thank you for your generosity.

Become a Sponsor

Support us by becoming a Sponsor .

Recruiters and anyone who wants to post jobs with us

Please contact the organizers directly at organizers at codechix dot org.


  • Our inspiration: LinuxChix and their coolness.
  • HOWTO Encourage Women in Linux: A must-read if you want to understand the women-in-tech issues.
  • ShesGeeky UnConference where you can meet some of the coolest chix in the industry.
  • The DevChix mailing list which is a vibrant community with great reach and breadth/depth of technical and non-technical contributors.